Barcelona to read Gerard Pique the riot act after unauthorised surfing session

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Although he wasn’t involved in the internationals taking place this weekend, Gerard Pique has still managed to get his name on the front and centre of the Spanish newspapers.

That’s because he was caught by El Diario Montanes’ photojournalist, Javier Rosendo, as he frolicked in the surf in Cantabria, later going as far as to actually surf, cited by Sport, despite reportedly being injured.

Given how experienced the player is, one should expect that he knows his own body better than anyone else, and he certainly wouldn’t have put himself at risk bearing in mind Barca’s current predicament.

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However, Sport note that Barca’s hierarchy are none too pleased with their second captain, who should be setting the example. As such, they’re reportedly considering what punishment to meter out.

The infamous Neymar-Pique ‘He stays’ picture

No one should really be surprised by Pique’s rule breaking either. He’s made a habit of it throughout his career, most notably with a Halloween prank at Getafe right in the middle of the opposition’s press conference.

Then being behind Antoine Griezmann’s ‘La Decision’ video when he stayed at Atletico Madrid, leaving egg all over Josep Maria Bartomeu’s face.

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