Mark Halsey column: Time for FIFA and UEFA to expel teams if racist chanting continues

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There wasn’t too much in the way of controversial on-pitch incidents during the current international break.

The Portugal v Republic of Ireland game saw a penalty given that was subsequently saved, but the decision making to award it was laughable.

In my opinion, if you’re taking two minutes to review an incident by VAR, then for me it isn’t a pen, because you’re then looking for a reason to justify your decision.

Officials will know looking at the first or second replay if it’s a penalty or not, just as Anthony Taylor did in the Liverpool v Chelsea game.

With regards to the racism that England once again had to deal with, the issue at the time is totally in the hands of the referee.

There is a FIFA protocol of course. The players will complain, the ref then goes to stadium manager and the FIFA delegate. He will ask for an announcement to be made to refrain from racist comments.

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If it continues, then it’s entirely up to the referee, but he should take players from the field of play and abandon the game.

I don’t think Gareth Southgate was aware of what was going on at the time, but the England players were, and we all heard the monkey chants.

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The authorities have now got to put their foot down because Hungary are serial offenders.

It’s all over social media with players being targeted and it’s now time for a stop to be put to it. We’ve got to take the strongest possible action.

It goes on and on and on, year after year, and what’s being done about it? It’s all just a load of big talk.

Social media companies, the police, the sports minister, the prime minister and government have got to stand up now.

FIFA and UEFA have got to come down with the strictest of measures and if that means expelling a team from competition, we are at the point where we have to do that now.

If it means sending people to jail, so be it, it’s got to be done.

There’s no place in society for racism.

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