Tottenham and Chelsea fans told to eat vegan food and travel to fixture by bicycle in Premier League net zero first

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Football fans are a fickle bunch by nature, so asking them to do anything different from the perceived norm is going to take a fair bit of persuasion.

When that involves messing with their food, you’re on a very slippery slope indeed.

That’s part of the plan to make the Tottenham v Chelsea fixture the first net zero Premier League game in history.

According to BBC Sport, supporters will be encouraged to eat only the vegan food options available at the ground’s various outlets.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint further, both clubs will ask their supporters to travel in via bicycle or public transport.

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Whilst the idea is laudable, in practice it’s doomed to failure quite frankly.

If it’s a choice between a pie and a pint over plant-based options, there may be some take up in the latter, but proper ‘man food’ will not be replaced.

Certainly not in football stadiums at any rate as it’s all part of the match-going experience.

As for travel, North London has the fifth highest crime rate for bicycle theft out of 99 postcodes surveyed according to statistics.

Given that the roads around White Hart Lane are always chock-a-block on match day too, public transport isn’t an option either.