20 most expensive squads in Europe: Man United & Chelsea make the top 5

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Manchester City have the most expensive squad in Europe’s top five leagues at the moment as Premier League clubs dominate the high end of the top 20.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are also right up there, while even Arsenal are ahead of big names like Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan despite their recent lack of success.

See below for the top 20 in full, which comes via the CIES Football Directory

1. Man City (£926m)

2. Man Utd (£877m)

3. Paris Saint-Germain (£820m)

4. Real Madrid (£675m)

5. Chelsea (£669m)

6. Liverpool (£576m)

7. Juventus (£563m)

8. Barcelona (£551m)

9. Arsenal (£542m)

10. Tottenham (£472m)

11. Atletico Madrid (411m)

12. Everton (£398m)

13. Bayern Munich (£359m)

14. Napoli (£356m)

15. Leicester City (£350m)

16. Roma (£309m)

17. Aston Villa (£299m)

18. Borussia Dortmund (£295m)

19. Inter Milan (£291m)

20. AS Monaco (£278m)

It’s certainly a sign of the times that Aston Villa and Everton are up there as well, while more established European giants like AC Milan are below even West Ham and Wolves.

And for all the talk of Paris Saint-Germain’s wealth and its effects on the game, they remain behind both Man Utd and Man City, who are also building super-star squads.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, it would be fair to say, are not really getting much value for money from their squads after huge under-achievement in recent times.

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