Napoli chief’s suggestion for a new European league worth €10bn to its member clubs

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We’ve been here before haven’t we? The notion of a new European league that’s worth much more money than UEFA can offer for Champions League participation.

Perhaps it was only ever a matter of time before suggestions on the matter resumed, albeit any discussions about a league which could offer as much as €10bn to be shared between its member clubs, would not take the form of the previous idea of the ‘Super League.’

Furthermore, according to the Daily Mail, the brainchild behind the idea, Napoli president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, access to the league will be on merit – the biggest departure to what would’ve been a ‘closed’ Super League.

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At the end of the day, however, the subject matter – making the richer clubs richer – remains the same.

Camp Nou could host games in a new European league

Dress it up however you want, but the truth is any type of elite European league will only be available to the select few.

Supporters, who are supposedly the lifeblood of the game, also need to be canvassed for a widespread opinion, and, if nothing else, special rates for flights agreed.

Otherwise, crowd sizes at games will quickly dwindle, and any atmosphere will be akin to Champions League dead rubbers.

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