Opinion: Playing a football match with no heading allowed is taking the game down a very slippery slope

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Whilst the link between heading a football and dementia has now been acknowledged, having a match played where heading is completely outlawed in one half is taking things a bit too far.

According to the Daily Mail, a game featuring former professionals will take place at Spennymoor Town on Sunday September 26.

During the 90 minutes, headers will only be allowed in the box for the first half, with no heading at all throughout the second 45.

The idea is for researchers to determine whether the beautiful game can still function without one of its core elements.

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The simple answer must surely be no, it can’t.

In a competitive environment, it’s a natural instinct to want to get to the ball first, and if that ball happens to be airborne, then a header will result.

If that edge is taken from the game, nothing will ever be the same again.

However, there remains a cogent argument that the health of those that do play the game is at risk, and if it can be minimised in some way, then perhaps it is a step forward rather than back.