Former Championship footballer jailed for five years after causing two deaths in fatal road accident

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The tales of former footballers lacking direction in any number of ways once their time in the game has finished is a recurring one.

Whether it’s gambling, drinking or some such, there often appears to be a large amount of ex-pros that can’t deal with the transition back into ‘normal life.’

That certainly appears to be the case for former Barnsley star, Steven Bennett. Now 29, Bennett turned out for the Championship club on four occasions during 2010.

According to the Mirror, Bennett spent three years in prison back in 2013 for robbery and affray, but that, as it turned out, was the least of his worries.

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He was also convicted in 2018 for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Clearly, Bennett hadn’t learned his lesson, and it had the most awful consequences.

In September 2019, Richard Wong, 62, and his wife Angela, 56, were killed by Bennett, who was again distracted by his mobile phone whilst in his lorry.

A judge sentenced him to five years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.