Georgina Rodriguez has given Cristiano Ronaldo a bizarre ban to help prevent injury

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Injuries can strike at any time in football, but there are numerous examples of players managing to put themselves out of action doing simple household tasks.

Legendary Spanish keeper Santi Canizares missed a European Championships after dropping an aftershave bottle on his foot, Rio Ferdinand managed to hurt his knee by playing video games for too long, and former Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot may take the prize after he burned himself trying to microwave an egg.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in the late stages of his career so the last thing he needs is to miss time from an innocuous injury, and a report from The Sun seems to suggest that his wife Georgina Rodriguez has banned him from changing lightbulbs in the home.

You have to imagine his house is bigger than most so there may be ladders involved in changing some lights rather than simply trying to stand on a kitchen chair, but she also takes on most of the housework in the house.

Seemingly some of the ceilings are 20 feet high and it’s likely he can afford to pay for some kind of handyman to come in and do it for him, but it does sound like every effort is made to ensure he doesn’t pick up any bizarre injuries.

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