British football player caught romping mid-flight by air hostess

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According to a recent interview conducted by the Daily Beast with a professional air hostess, one well-known British football player was caught with his pants down mid-flight en route to New York.

The air hostess, who goes by the name of Lori, claims to have been working on a flight from London to New York when she met the popular football star for the second time in her career.

She claims that during the pair’s first encounter, the unnamed player had asked if he could change his trousers and then proceeded to drop them right there in front of her.

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“He got butt-a** naked right there in front of me,” Lori told the Daily Beast.

Lori went on to explain that during their second meeting, after boarding the Atlantic Ocean flight along with his wife, she went to enter the player’s cabin before being advised by a colleague not to go in there.

“They’re s***ging in the back.” Lori’s colleague said.

“I don’t think that’s inappropriate personally because they pay millions and millions of dollars. If I was them, and I was paying that amount of money, and I wanted to s**g my husband, I would do it.” she added.

Lori refused to name the player, as well as his wife.

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