Arsene Wenger warns of “dangerous” development with modern footballers

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Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken about the huge money footballers earn from such a young age now.

The money in the game has certainly changed since Wenger first took over at Arsenal back in 1996, and the Frenchman has admitted to having some concern about giving such huge wages to players coming through now who still haven’t achieved anything in the game.

Wenger didn’t point to anyone in particular, though there can be no question that this does seem to be a growing trend, with clubs all too keen to snap up the best young players in the world before they’ve really established themselves as superstars.

This can lead to clubs paying over the odds to get ahead, but we don’t yet know what kind of psychological effect that can have on players who, in many instances, are still just kids.

It’s not a trend Wenger is too happy about, as he told the Telegraph: “Now the speculation and the huge amounts of money are about players who might be one day players. That is where football goes on dangerous ground.

“Should we reward the people who produce quality? Yes, but when it is about players who might one day do that then it’s much, much more dangerous.”

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