Hulk’s ex-wife speaks out over his relationship his niece as the bizarre situation gets worse

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Hulk has always been a footballer who’s forged his own path and maybe hasn’t always made the moves that you might expect, but some of his private life has now become very public.

A large part of that is down to the fact that he’s now in a relationship with his pregnant niece after leaving his ex-wife, and a report from The Mirror has looked at some of her recent comments on the matter:

“I wake up and fall asleep without understanding why all this happened to me. The pain is great, sometimes I think it will rip my heart out, but God comes and helps me. He has been my livelihood..

“I gave everything to this girl since she came into the world. I sacrificed my dreams so many times to make her dreams come true.

“And here I am not talking only about material goods, because these are easy to give when you have money, but love, affection, attention, respect … everything.

“She knew my weaknesses, insecurities, pains, fears, plans, and had my unconditional love. She ran my life, and for me everything she said was good, it was right, it was ethical.

“For me, she was perfect in everything and to her I gave the direction of my life. If I was wrong, my God, it was for loving and trusting too much.”

The episode has clearly caused a rift in the family as you would expect, but Hulk seems to maintain that this all happened well after the split up and he didn’t get involved with his niece while he was still with his wife.

Hulk has hit back by saying his ex-wife only wanted to be known “as the wife of Hulk” so perhaps she was only it in for the status and the money, but it’s such an ugly episode that doesn’t appear to be getting any better.