Arrest made over Chapecoense plane disaster which caused the loss of 71 lives

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since the plane crash which saw the loss of 71 lives including the vast majority of the Chapecoense team who were travelling to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

As with any plane crash, the search for answers and justice has taken a long time, while it appears the accepted cause of the crash was a lack of fuel in the plane which caused it to crash-land short of its destination.

A report from Ole has now claimed that an arrest has been made, with a woman being detained due to her role of analysing and approving the flight plan for the journey.

They go on to say that the woman has claimed she was the subject of pressure and harassment from their superiors, and it’s worryingly in line with most reports that follow a crash where claims of understaffing and a lack of training are made in regards to some of the more crucial aspects of aviation safety.

It seems her role in this comes down to either failing to see or neglecting the fact that the plane simply didn’t have enough fuel to reach the airport in Medellin, although it’s also said that the flight crew decided to ignore the warnings of low fuel and decided to push on rather than landing at an alternative airport.

The bottom line is that so many lives were lost because of human error and bad decisions so that is always a tragedy, while you have to imagine that the causes of this probably go deeper than just one person failing to adjust a flight plan.