Fan-led review could see drinking alcohol in your seat return to stadiums up and down the country

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Football viewing at games as we know it in England could be about to change with a fan-led review seeing proposals to introduce drinking alcohol in your seats recommended.

That’s a practice that hasn’t been seen at stadiums up and down the country since 1985 when it was outlawed because of football hooliganism.

Alcohol is still allowed to be consumed in stadium concourses, but not taken to seats.

It’s believed that this causes problems at half-time when there is a rush to be served before drinks have to be necked quickly if patrons don’t want to miss any action on the pitch.

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According to The Times, former Sports minister, Tracey Crouch, whose findings are shortly to be published, the attitude towards alcohol is outdated.

“Our view on alcohol and football is outdated,” she said.

“It’s not helped when you see scenes like we did at Wembley. But that’s why I would pilot it first. Let’s get the data. My view is not some kind of altruistic view that fans should be able to drink at football. It’s also about allowing clubs to be able to sustain themselves.

“We can look at things like an independent regulator as part of this process. But football has to take a bit of responsibility for itself and sustain itself better.

Whilst hooliganism isn’t as rife as it was in the 1980s, it does still exist, and if supporters are allowed to drink themselves silly throughout the 90 minutes, it only takes one or two idiots to spoil things for everyone else.

If safety and security can be guaranteed, a trial should be a first step, with a view to expansion if fans behave themselves.