Former Premier League referee reveals staggering match-fixing investigation after he was reported for an incredibly petty reason

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Jealousy and a feeling of inferiority can do strange things to some people, but it’s still a massive step to make up an allegation that could ruin someone’s career and potentially their life.

For a referee, there’s nothing that can ruin a reputation like a match-fixing scandal, so it’s incredible to read some claims made by former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg.

As reported by the Mail, he claims that a confidential report led to Howard Webb being asked to open an investigation against the official due to match-fixing claims.

Clattenburg suggests those came simply because he bought a new car and that may have prompted suspicion about where he got the money from, but it’s likely it may have been a colleague who didn’t like him or someone with a grudge.

It’s confirmed that no evidence was found of any wrongdoing and the whole thing was eventually dropped, while they also stopped the information from becoming public at the time because it could still ruin his reputation.

He’s clearly furious about the whole episode, and you can see why when his integrity was brought into question.

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