Married Premier League star accused of fathering 14-month old child with Brazilian hostess

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According to an exclusive report by The Sun, a married Premier League star is heading to court over claims that he impregnated a hostess from Brazil.

As if the action on the pitch wasn’t entertaining you enough this weekend, we’ve had a timely reminder that a sizeable portion of those competing in the Premier League are in fact degenerates.

As is mentioned in the report, the (of course) unnamed footballer headed onto his stag weekend ahead getting married and INVITED the woman in question along with him.

The unidentified player reportedly texted her from his honeymoon back in 2018. He evidently has no qualms living life on the edge.

As The Sun report, the player is now being named as the father of Jaqueline Sousa’s child. He is believed to have fathered a 14-month old

The case will go to court again on November 10, where the paternity will be formally determined and, if necessary, the maintenance payments will also be decided.

There is currently no legal confirmation that the married Premier League footballer is the parent of the child. With the player also not being named, we’ll just have to wait for any updates in due course.