Leeds United scouts present for Benfica vs Barcelona clash in the Champions League

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Leeds United scouts were among those present to watch Benfica vs Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Leeds have firmly established themselves as a Premier League side now. With that comes the expectation of bringing in quality players in the transfer market.

The financial riches that comes with playing in England’s top tier certainly helps in doing that, but the right players need to be identified before taking any further steps.

Leeds will likely be deploying scouts across the globe in order to build profiles of players who could eventually become transfer targets.

It’s not often the fans get provided insight into where they are scouting and who they could be scouting, though.

In this instance, they have…

You can play the guessing game as to who in particular they were looking at, but there was a host of talent out on the pitch representing both clubs.

We’ll have to wait and see if anyone impressed the Leeds scouting team enough to earn themselves a move to Elland Road.