Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal driver waits seven hours in queue for petrol

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal driver reportedly waited for almost seven hours in a queue to fill up his Bentley.

The ongoing fuel crisis in the UK is unfortunately showing no sign of stopping, with there being a shortage of HGV drivers and people being sent into a frenzy over the possibility of running out of petrol.

Unfortunately for many drivers, they have little choice but to wait in the senselessly long queues for petrol, should they need to fill up in order to complete their day-to-date duties.

One of those people, as is reported by The Sun, is Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal driver, who made a commendable attempt to get petrol for his Bentley.

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As is mentioned in the report, Ronaldo’s driver waited almost seven hours in a queue for petrol, but left without getting any, with the station not having had a top-up during his time queueing.

You have to credit his dedication. After several hours of waiting, few would have stuck around with the belief that fuel would arrive and they’d be able to fill it. He ought to have thrown in the towel sooner.

On another note, are the tabloids just going to be following the every move of Ronaldo’s driver indefinitely, even when Ronaldo is not in the car? Have they nothing better to do with their day?

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