Arsene Wenger on collision course with Thierry Henry over World Cup plans

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When Thierry Henry and Arsene Wenger collided at Arsenal, they were so in simpatico that it was obvious the manager was going to get the absolute best out of his striker.

However, now the French pair are on a collision course of a different kind which will not only concern Gunners fans, but supporters of football more generally.

That’s because Henry isn’t a fan of what his former manager is trying to do with the beautiful game.

Wenger is, of course, trying to persuade everyone that a World Cup every two years rather than every four is a good idea.

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As Associated Press report, there has been significant pushback from those in the game, including Henry.

Arsene Wenger wants a World Cup every two years

“Do you [FIFA] actually ask the current players what they think about it?” he was quoted as saying.

“I played four World Cups and [three] Euros and I came out of them shattered mentally.

“And it’s not about the games I played in it, it’s the preparation for the World Cup, coming back from the World Cup after a season at your club.

“So if you play that every two years, mentally it’s tough for a player.”

Trying to change things for the better isn’t new to Wenger.

He was responsible for completely changing the fitness and dietary regimes at Arsenal, overhauling almost every aspect to ensure the Gunners were turned into serial winners.

Opposition to his new plans surely won’t surprise him, though he’s made of sterner stuff and he’ll not give up without a fight.

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  1. We just had Euro, League nation now, then world cup kicks off. In a year Time.

    World cup every 2 years Can be considered then.

    IS League Cup more needed? Super League okay for ones against Wenger’s proposal.

    He insists on planning scheddules, make sure players rest 25 days.

    We in another era, fans 8-21 live online, fast, consume differently, latest phone’s item every year…I’m bit holder but would Indeed enjoy more World cup today, every 2 years.

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