FIFA on collision course with players over direct Covid vaccination plea

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The controversy surrounding the lack of uptake from football players in being vaccinated from Covid-19 goes on.

It’s believed players from the Premier League have been particularly slow in ensuring they’re double jabbed.

Whether this is as a result of the mine of misinformation available, and the various conspiracy theories being put forward isn’t clear.

However, governing body, FIFA, have now made a direct plea to any players under their jurisdiction to get themselves vaccinated.

Though it still remains a free choice, it’s clear that FIFA don’t want there to be any issues ahead of World Cup 2022, with Qatar apparently expressing a preference to not allow players into the country who haven’t been double jabbed.

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“We encourage COVID-19 vaccinations,” FIFA were quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

“And endorse the World Health Organisation’s position: safe, fair, and equitable access is critical in all countries. Players should not receive priority access to vaccines.

“We acknowledge this decision does not help every player and we remain committed to further improving the situation for upcoming windows and joining discussions to explain more about the many measures we are putting in place to reduce the risks of COVID transmission into the community as a result of player travel.”

Clearly, this remains an incredibly emotive issue, and one which could be deemed to be taking away free choice should FIFA, eventually, insist upon the same.

It’s yet another problem for club and International managers to deal with on top of everything else.

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