Abuse survivors to launch group legal action for damages against Celtic

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A group of 25 sexual abuse survivors are set to launch a group legal action against Celtic FC.

Senior figures at Celtic Boys Club, which was not formally affiliated with Celtic FC, have been jailed for historical sexual abuse, and the courts will need to decide if the club is legally responsible for the abuse.

It’s an unsavoury episode in the club’s history. According to a comment made by the club in the Daily Record, cited by Sky Sports, they’ll fully co-operate with any legal proceedings as required.

“The club is continuing to deal with these sensitive matters in conjunction with its advisers,” a spokesperson said.

“The club again expresses its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow to those affected and reiterates that it will stand by its responsibilities, respecting the due process of law.”

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New legal powers brought in last year has allowed Thompson’s Solicitors Scotland to press ahead with the action against the Hoops.

“This is completely unique. I know of no other group actions, or involving such a large number of claimants, against any other club in Europe,” Patrick McGuire, partner with Thompsons, told the Daily Record, cited by Sky Sports.

“This case will be about whether Celtic FC are legally responsible for abuse that took place at the boys club.

“Group proceedings are a very new part of the Scottish system, introduced by an Act of Parliament, and we’ve looked at the rules and taken the view they’re our most appropriate vehicle.”

Football and sport more generally appears to have a real issue with people in power overstepping the mark.

The victims must get justice, and the legal proceedings will, ultimately, see whether they are able to or not.