Premier League facing crisis as 19 clubs call emergency meeting opposing Newcastle takeover

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Following recent confirmation that a Saudi-backed takeover of Newcastle United, understood to be within the region of £300m, had been completed, has reportedly been met with a backlash from the Premier League’s other 19 clubs.

That’s according to a recent report from the Guardian, who claims the other 19 clubs in England’s top-flight are unanimous in their opposition.

It has been claimed that all the league’s clubs, excluding the Magpies, have requested an emergency meeting with Premier League officials.

Although it has been noted that the 19 clubs are aware their opposition will do nothing to overturn the takeover as it has already been completed – they’re still keen to express their frustration and will demand answers.

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It has been claimed that all clubs concerned would like to know why the Saudi-led consortium saw their takeover bid authorised when it had previously been rejected.

The Guardian’s report states that the Premier League’s 19 other clubs will push for a meeting to be held as early as next week.

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  1. The takeover has never been rejected. The Saudis originally walked away because it was taking to long to get ratified. PL wanted clarification of ownership and we’re waiting to be convinced it was not going to be state owned .

  2. To me its jealousy because now they could be real competition and buy the top players, how is it only Newcastle had even had issue’s selling other’s have done the same but had 0 opposition, I think they need to pick up their 19 pet lips and stop throwing their toys out of their prams !

  3. I would have docked the so called top 6,12points at the start for being greedy and wanting to join the super league Get over it

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