Video: Premier League referee comes out as an openly gay man

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In a highly unusual but incredibly positive move, a referee that has officiated at Premier League level right down to amateur league has come out as an openly gay man.

For far too long now, anyone connected with football has evidently kept their sexuality to themselves for fear of being cast aside and ignored, perhaps by team-mates and those in the game more widely.

In a day and age where all forms of discrimination are frowned upon, it’s hugely disappointing to find that coming out is still a big deal for gay people.

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James Adcock was speaking to BBC Sport and was clearly – and rightly – proud to say he was an openly gay man working in football.

As of this moment, it also appears that he hasn’t encountered any ill will, showing that, perhaps, things are moving in the right direction.

The hope will be of course that, eventually, a player at the top level of the game will break the stigma and announce that they too are gay.

Diver, Tom Daley, and former rugby player, Gareth Thomas, are other high profile sportsmen who had both previously announced their homosexuality publicly.

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  1. What’s the big deal with being gay, anyway?
    I know a couple of gay blokes that I meet at home matches, we enjoy a couple of pints, watch the game, talk about the football and go home. My heterosexuality isn’t an issue for them and their homosexuality isn’t an issue for me.
    People need to move on – I think it’s sad that some folk can’t find more important issues in the world than somebody’s sexual preferences.

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