Video: Pundit says Daniel Levy has no need to placate Tottenham fans regarding Super League

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The notion of the Super League has disappeared firmly into the background though it hasn’t truly gone away.

That much is known with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus still, technically, part of it, even though there are no other clubs willing to align with them at this point.

How things develop within the game over the next few months and possibly few years will, ultimately, dictate whether the European Super League does eventually become a reality or not.

Arguably, the whole premise collapsed not long after its announcement when fans of the English clubs invited made their feelings quite clear.

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The owners of those clubs were effectively backed into a corner, and once one or two extricated themselves, it was like a pack of cards as the rest followed.

However, that’s not to say that none of them would rejoin in the future if the terms of any deal were lucrative enough and were tweaked so that any further demonstrations would be muted.

Tottenham supporters have apparently been lobbying Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, and want a guarantee that their club won’t ever go back into the competition in whatever guise it takes in the future.

TalkSPORT’s Simon Jordan has backed Levy in the sense that he believes there is no reason for the chairman to kow-tow to the fans over such matters.

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