Jurgen Klopp’s comments on Newcastle takeover reek of jealousy and small-mindedness not befitting of a Liverpool manager

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Whether the Premier League’s other 19 teams like it or not, the Newcastle United takeover has passed the relevant Owners’ and Directors’ Test.

The baton, not before time it must be said, has passed from Mike Ashley to Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

That didn’t stop all of the other English top-flight clubs from demanding an emergency meeting with the Premier League, per The Guardian, to discuss their concerns.

Though there may be some legitimacy to their argument on the issue of branding being damaged, the fact remains that the ball was in the Premier League’s court and their decision was crystal clear.

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That hasn’t stopped a further outburst from Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, which, frankly, reeks of jealousy now that there’s a new kid in town to worry about.

“This is the third club in world football that I know of that belongs to a country and that obviously belongs to the wealthiest family on the planet,” Klopp said to Sky Germany, cited by The Telegraph.

“The possibilities that open up are of course immense. With the Super League, the whole world was justifiably upset about it.

“It’s basically like the Super League now – just for one club. Then Newcastle are guaranteed to play a dominant role in world football for the next 20 or 30 years.

“[…] It wasn’t my choice and we are just living with the facts now. I don’t want to make it my business because it’s not my business.

“There are no two opinions about the obvious human rights concerns in Saudi Arabia.

“That’s not a question. But how it could then happen that this was nevertheless allowed despite many concerns, I cannot assess.”

If we take the view that the playing field is no longer level, and that’s at the heart of Klopp’s (and many others) ire, there’s a cogent argument that things have never been the same since Roman Abramovich rode into town and transformed Chelsea.

He, like Newcastle’s new owners, if we are to believe their initial soundbites (per Sky Sports), are in it for the long term.

Klopp needs to stop throwing his toys out of the pram and get ready to devise ways and means of beating the Magpies once they start splashing the cash and upgrading their current squad.

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  1. He made one valid comment when he said, “it’s not my business.” Very true, it’s none of his business. It’s the business of Newcastle United FC and the Premiership.

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