Video: Sky Sports reporter asks Arsenal star Ben White the worst interview question ever

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As part of their role, football players will often be asked for interviews from the game’s stakeholders as well as many other media outlets.

In the UK, most of the coverage of the Premier League comes via Sky Sports, and therefore agreements will most likely be in place with all member clubs to allow regular access to their players.

It’s a duty that one might believe some players enjoy more than others, given that viewers get an insight into their demeanour and attitude if the interviewer is good enough at his or her job to prise the right responses from their subjects.

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Some can be light-hearted banter, other interviews can be completely serious and to the point.

Regardless, there is the occasional question that is asked which is so tor-curlingly embarrassing, that you wonder how the same ever got the thumbs up.

Take Sky’s recent interview with Arsenal star, Ben White. On his social media bios, he has his name in full: Benjamin.

Clearly, Ben is the shortened version of the name, though this obviously escaped the interviewer.

White’s reaction was priceless and said it all.

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