British football coach sentenced to 25 years in Dubai ‘hell hole’ prison

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A British football coach is enduring a nightmare existence in Dubai after being sentenced to a 25-year term for being caught with CBD vape oil in his car.

According to The Sun, Dubai’s al-Awir prison is a hell-hole with prisoners routinely having to ensure torture at the hands of the wardens.

Furthermore, the report states that some prisoners are being left to die from various diseases.

Twenty-four year old Billy Hood had previously been holed up in the Al-Barsha police detention centre.

Four bottles of CBD oil were found in his car and though CBD for vaping remains legal in the UK, it’s still banned in the UAE because of the traces of THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

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After his arrest on January 31, campaigners say It’s believed that Hood was forced to sign a false confession which admitted to more serious offences which he didn’t understand given that the confession was written in Arabic.

After spending nine months locked up, it’s unclear if there will be an opportunity for the sentence to be reviewed.