Super League never truly went away and now it’s rearing its ugly head again

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It’s been a little while since there was any news about the proposed European Super League, though with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus still apparently in it, there was always a chance it would be repackaged and brought to the table once again.

That time appears to have arrived with the news that German business magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, has acquired a confidential document which details how a new Super League could still work.

Although many of the original clubs approached decided to bail out once the news became public, this was only as a result of the wave of public opinion being against it and various supporter demonstrations.

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As bad a PR exercise as it became, the court’s ruling that the three teams remaining in the league could not be prosecuted, per Sky Sports, was important and significant.

It left the door open to a further approach at some future point, which has come sooner rather than later.

In order to persuade potential member clubs, it’s believed that there will be no permanent members, qualification based on domestic league position,  20 members, all European Leagues given the chance to earn qualification places, a reduced number of games and a second league, also with 20 teams.

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