Newcastle fans should be ashamed of themselves for the way that they treated Steve Bruce

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The axe has finally fallen on Steve Bruce, and though the manager will undoubtedly feel a tinge of regret at not having the chance to see how far he could take the club with some serious investment, the relief at not having to deal with the daily abuse received from supporters of the club will be palpable.

According to The Telegraph, Bruce admitted it was difficult being called all the names under the sun, including an ‘inept cabbage head.’

Even a reported £8m pay off won’t take away the scars of being the whipping boy for the lack of investment from Mike Ashley during the course of his tenure.

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To that end, it’s remarkable that Bruce was been able to keep the Magpies in the Premier League, a not insignificant act given that a relegation to the Championship may have caused issues with any takeover.

Allan Saint-Maximin and Steve Bruce

Regardless, the ire of the Newcastle supporters was clearly misdirected, and many should be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they consistently tore down a thoroughly decent football manager.

That there could be a chance that the last match of Bruce’s Newcastle reign could be his last ever says everything about how deep those wounds have cut.

Very simply, the kind of behaviour that is becoming far too commonplace in this day and age is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.

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    1. Exactly Billy, with a recent record of 7 wins in 38 games us deluded Geordies don’t know a decent manager when we see one

  1. Check the stats and your privilege!
    120m spent to make us worse. Most anyone got outta ashley. 2-3 days training per week, no discernible tactics, but mates in the media.
    Let’s see him snapped up by some other team. Be off with the anti toon narrative, please.

  2. Well yet another article spewing rubbish. Since day 1 Steve Bruce has done nothing but lie to the fans, results are getting worse but he needs more time? One of the lowest paid managers in the league but walks away with 8 mil and you think the NUFC fans are in the wrong? He is inept, has no idea about modern football and just deflects any negativity onto others. Grow up and get you facts straight and you may understand why people don’t like him.

  3. Nonsense. He took a solid side and made them a shambles. Our only tactic was to give it to ASM and hope he could win us some points. No organisation, no game plan and it’s an utter myth that he got not financial backing from Ashley. During his tenure NUFC had the 8th highest net spend on transfers in the league. He was afforded riches previous managers could’ve only dreamed of, the problem was that Bruce was incapable of putting together a team that could win games. The football was terrible, the excuses were worse. It was never his fault and he regularly threw players under the bus.

    The fact we didn’t get relegated during his tenure isn’t evidence of a good job done, it’s evidence of a miracle.

  4. Are you for real? Can you honestly tell me that no other fans have hounded their managers out (eg Wenger at Arsenal) for having much better records than Bruce? Firstly we never wanted him to begin with and he was only foisted upon us by Ashley, spiting the fans in his own inimitable way.
    Secondly his record is abysmal – have you seen this season’s results and table position? Last year only luck and the unexpected success of Willock saved us from relegation.
    His criticism of the fans has never gone down well at the club nor has his never ending excuses for defeats that were never his problem and it’s no surprise that he’s been sacked so many times even from such ‘big’ teams as Sunderland.
    Add to that and being the sycophantic mouthpiece of the despised Ashley was also a no goer.
    His media and ex-playing buddies have always defended him. Let’s see how many of them recommend him as manager for their team now. It’s typically hypocritical of Toon supporters although I suppose it now goes with the current discourse of being ‘sportswashing’ lovers, tea towel wearers and deluded fans etc. etc. etc.

  5. oh do be quiet, Bruce knew exactly what he was walking into, not forgetting that he shit on his previous employers. He undermined the club and talked them down at every opportunity, he regularly made snide jabs at popular former boss Rafa Benitez. Bruce had won 7 of his last 38 league games. As for the cabbage related insults, you can look at another clubs fans for starting that. His massive and undeserved payoff will see him through I have no doubt

  6. Lack of investment? LOL! man, do you believe the dross you write? Bruce had a net spend of £120 million, whereas Rafa made a profit of £30 million!
    Put your keyboard away bonny lad as you haven’t got a scooby.

  7. Why should Newcastle fans be thoroughly ashamed of the way Bruce was treated?

    1. The reference to cabbage was coined by Aston Villa fans and not Newcastle fans during his equally inept stint as their manager.

    2. This is the manager who went on public record to say he “Doesn’t do tactics”, which is clearly obvious by his inept ability to set up, dictate or change a game plan for individual games or during a game.

    3. This is a manager who after 2 1/2 years still did not have any idea on his best formation or players to use. His selections were puzzling at best and his substitutions mind boggling. Bearing in mind he again is on public record that Gayle was a player he rated highly and had tried to sign whilst at other clubs, yet failed to use in games, despite being behind and needing to score to get anything out of a game, preferring to bring full backs or midfield players.

    Similarly, playing a defensive midfielder as center back, whilst having 2 international center backs sitting on the bench.

    4. He is a manager who has won 7 of the last 38 games with a win ration of 18% and has won 0 (That’s none, just for clarity) in 9 games this season. At any other club he would have been dismissed months ago.

    5. This superb manager set up a team against the bottom club in the PL, who were without a win, with a view to scraping a 0-0 draw and then after the game blamed everyone else for the loss and only changed his time after quite rightly a player had it out with him at training, calling him a coward.

    6. Despite being classed as a nice guy, regularly threw players under the bus, was confrontational with fans and local media and would not accept any responsibility for the above apalling record.

    7. This is a guy who in his last interview before a game chose to use it to gloat at the journalists that he was still on the job and they were wrong and he hoped they’d get it in the neck from their bosses.

    8. This is a guy who simply refused to accept he was out of his depth and walk away….. why? £8m reasons why, he put his bank balance before the club he supposedly loves and supports.

    9. This is the guy who comes out and says he had no support or backing, backed up by his media chums, and yet had a net spend of £125m (that’s the 8th highest in the EPL), to cover his inabilities.

    10. This is a guy who within 30 minutes of being relieved of his post, had an interview published by his favourite journalist/cheerleader in which he again accepts no responsibility for utter mess he has left the club.

    11. This is the same guy who not so long ago laughingly said he received sack fulls of mail telling him was doing a great job and that it was a small minority of social media who were creating histrionics, but now comes out and slags the fan off, saying we’re abusive…. Make your mind up.

    He says he will probably retire because of the way he has been treated by the fans. Frankly, he’s covering his back as I cannot see any club ever employing him again, bearing in mind he has one of the worst records in management, but then again this is football, the only industry where you receive massive pay offs for failure and can get another job fairly easily.

    This is just another piece of poor journalism spouting the same tripe, not based on anything like the reality that the fact and statistics show.

    He’s made a lot of money doing this job, a one he has persistently shown he has severe short comings in. Good player, bad manager.

  8. Worst record in premier league history regardless of club so no we shouldn’t be ashamed for wanting better, and as for the cabbage reference I think you’ll find it was fans of a different team throwing them at him not us, so instead of taking a cheap shot at fans who pay to watch that rubbish, do a bit of research

  9. Made a scapegoat. Being a geordie of cause it ws his dream to managed or coach Newcastle. Only problem is he was not allowed to do it his way. How do you do a good without the proper tools or materials. And that is what happened here. He had to work with what he was given and keep his mouth shut. he has not been given a chance to build properly. The fans have changed, they could not see what was happenning. Instead some by there own comments or through the media have torn a good man down. I hope him and his family cope with such dispicable actions.

    1. You obviously haven’t read any of the comments on this blog but continue as the rest to have your pre-conceived bile.
      Give your ‘brains’ a rest man.

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