Yerry Mina, Everton teaming up to combat dangerous diseases in Colombia

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For all the criticism Yerry Mina endures from Everton FC and Colombia national supporters, the defender shows the type of person he is in his latest charitable venture. 

Mina leads a foundation that bears his name and contributes in different ways to the wellbeing of the citizens of his hometown of Guachené, Cauca, Colombia, the club announced.

The Everton defender wants to help the neediest families and vulnerable conditions by having his charity provide insecticide that will prevent serious diseases caused by mosquitoes in the Pacific part of the country.

Combating the mosquitoes in this part of Colombia will help families fight various diseases such as Malaria and Zika, which these insects transmit.

“The Yerry Mina Foundation is leading the drive to provide 5,000 homes in Guachené, Cauca with a novel insecticide that will protect families from the immediate threat of serious illness, including Malaria, Zika, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya, all carried by dangerous insects,” the statement said.

Furthermore, Mina isn’t alone in this charitable venture as the 27-year-old has the support of Everton as he formed these potential solutions in Liverpool to help serve those in his hometown.

“The joint health initiative was devised in Liverpool through Everton Football Club and Fans Supporting Foodbanks alongside Liverpool based insecticide company Yanco, who brought in their Colombian partner Katori,” the statement added.

“It was that South American link that saw the Yerry Mina Foundation’s involvement. One of the foundation’s aims is to create social and environmental programs to help combat some of the hardest-hitting social issues.”

Mina uses the platform that a football career has provided and the finances to help a community that saw him grow up. Hopefully, this is a good step for the defender to help combat diseases that shouldn’t cost people’s lives.

“This is a very important initiative to me, and I’m delighted that the Yerry Mina Foundation has been able to work alongside Yanco, Fans Supporting Foodbanks, the Red Cross, Katori, and the British Embassy to donate Papel Insecticida Katori,” Mina said.

“This donation will play an important role in protecting the health and wellbeing of my community in Guachene. One of the aims of my foundation is to provide general wellbeing and quality of life improvements, and this project will go a long way in protecting people, especially children, against dangerous diseases.”

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