Glazers in Man United talks to develop Old Trafford and increase capacity to over 80,000

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Not only have Manchester United fallen behind on the pitch, but their facilities are also lacking in comparison with their rivals’.

The likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester City and most recently Tottenham Hotspur, have all seen their owners pump millions of pounds into developing their stadiums and training facilities.

Despite the Red Devils remaining a financial juggernaut, echoed by their continued transfer spend – much like the club’s trophy cabinet, their famous stadium, Old Trafford, has also seen better days.

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However, according to a recent report from BBC Sport, the Red Devils, who are owned by the Glazers family – a family of wealthy American businessmen, are set to see Old Trafford revamped.

Old Trafford could undergo major development works.

It has been noted that following several concerns from fans that have been raised during Fan Forum meetings, the Glazers have agreed to sanction building works required to restore the stadium.

Old Trafford has not seen any renovation work since 2016 which has subsequently led to many structural issues, including a leaky roof in the Charlton Stand.

However, not only are the Glazers planning works on the stadium but they’re also understood to be in talks to develop the surrounding area which currently remains largely derelict.

Most interestingly, as it currently stands, Old Trafford is the largest stadium in the Premier League with a capacity of just over 74,000.

However, part of these latest proposals is said to also include the possibility of the Red Devils seeing their stadium’s capacity increased to over 80,000.

Should the club increase its seating numbers, the ground will close in on Twickenham (82,000) in the capacity charts.


  1. Lets hope ticket prices go UP to develop the Theatre of Dreams,the rail track and houses have been used as a excuse for so long to NOT develop South STAND,now the time has come to look to the future and hold 85000 fans,Away fans could also benefit and get more seats

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