The FA aren’t fit for purpose as their response to Joey Barton’s comments show

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There have been plenty of incidents in the past where the Football Association have seemingly dodged their responsibilities when it comes to punishing those whose transgressions are worthy of punishment.

Regardless of whether the ‘old men in suits’ adage is accurate or not, those in power don’t appear to be fit for purpose, and another incident over the past weekend has shown that to be true.

There’s simply no justification whatsoever for Joey Barton to use the Holocaust as part of his squad analogy, reported by the Daily Star, and no punishment for the Bristol Rovers manager shows once again why those at the top need to be replaced.

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Lest we forget that he has form going back years.

Kicking out at Sergio Aguero in the Man City v QPR title-winning game springs to mind, or the stubbing out of a cigar out in former team-mate, Jamie Tandy’s eye.

Frankly, his roll call of misdemeanours should ensure that Barton has no place being anywhere near a football pitch, but thanks to the lily-livered rulers of the English game, he can laugh in their faces whilst still earning a decent wage.

A contention that Barton’s comments don’t constitute an aggravated breach of FA rules is laughable.

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