(Video) Five substitution rule set become permanent after IFAB proposal

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Five substitutions could become a permanent feature in professional football after it was proposed at an IFAB meeting.

IFAB, otherwise known as International FA Board had a panel meeting earlier today where the five subs rule was proposed to become permanent rather than a short-term solution.

The five subs rule was initially brought in to help combat reduced fitness levels that players were suffering from as result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But many leagues and competitions around the world decided to keep the rule in place this season, with the Premier League being one of the only major leagues to not continue it.

You can watch the full video below.

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports

Should IFAB confirm the proposal, it will place much more pressure on the Premier League to replicate the rule and move away from the traditional three substitutions rule that has been used since 1994, with tweaks to the rule to allow it to be for any reason and expanding the number of players available on the bench coming in the subsequent years after.

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