Portugal must curtail Cristiano Ronaldo’s idea of playing in a sixth World Cup

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News that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play at at sixth World Cup in 2026 won’t come as a surprise to anyone. 

The Portuguese is a one man record breaking machine, and to be the first player in football history to turn out for his country at six separate tournaments will certainly align with the rest of his career goals.

The Sun report the player’s desire to keep in tip top shape and injury free in order for him to be playing at the highest level when he is 41 years of age.

That’s certainly not impossible, with 40-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic a prime current example of what’s possible if you look after yourself.

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However, there’s one huge issue that can’t really be overlooked and that is the growth element of the national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a goal scorer extraordinaire, of that there is no doubt whatsoever, but what else is he?

He certainly isn’t a team player.

No longer able to do the donkey work or put in a shift at the coal face, he is denying Portuguese youth the chance of earning their wings at international level.

Pandering to his obvious need for continuing a vanity project does his country’s selectors no favours whatsoever.

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