Unnamed Premier League star agrees to a paternity test to determine fatherhood of love child

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The future could be about to get a little sticky for one unnamed Premier League star, with his past potentially coming back to haunt him.

Although still unable to be unmasked, the player in question has agreed to a paternity test to determine the fatherhood of a love child, days before a case, brought by Brazilian hostess, Jacqueline Sousa, goes to court.

According to The Sun, Sousa has always maintained that the ‘household name’ is the father of her 14 month old daughter, and a refusal to acknowledge the same has clearly led to this point.

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It would appear too little too late as Sousa intends to have her day in court.

“My legal team’s been asking him to take a test for almost a year, but he has constantly refused, saying he was too busy with training and he couldn’t travel because of Covid restrictions and quarantine,” she was quoted as saying by The Sun.

“He’s finally surfaced after months of letters and requests, and got in touch with my lawyer — but still hasn’t been in touch to see his daughter.

“We haven’t bothered responding as now it’s too late and we will see him in court when the case goes before a judge.”

Jacqueline Sousa – Image via The Sun

It brings into sharp focus once again the way in which Premier League stars use their fame and wealth to use situations to their advantage, only to back away when their deeds are uncovered.

If the court order that the star’s identity is uncovered, it may well put an end to his marriage, though frankly that would serve him right.

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