Homophobic chanting at Watford is just another example of what’s wrong in today’s game

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Going to football nowadays can often be a horrendous experience for certain groups. 

Whilst the atmospheres at grounds across the country are, in the main, exactly as one might expect, there is still an element that appear to delight in denigrating and abusing certain sections of either the fan base or players themselves.

According to Sky Sports, another incident occurred just this past weekend, and this time Watford supporters have been accused of disgusting homophobic chanting.

If it isn’t homophobia it’s racism, and if not that, sexist chanting. Absolutely none of it is acceptable in the modern game.

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A group of female football fans even took it upon themselves to set up the Her Game Too movement to highlight the regular sexist abuse that women and girls who attend matches receive.

It’s about time that going to a game of football was a pleasurable experience – for everyone.

Furthermore, if club’s are unable to stamp out the chanting at source, then they need to follow through with threats of stadium bans and the like, rather than paying lip service to the problem.

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  1. It’s much better than it ever was and the trend is only going in one direction with clubs taking a zero tolerance policy to the remaining few who continue distasteful chanting.

  2. 4 pissed up people, called a player with Chelsea links a “Rent Boy” according to the complainant and the home crowd has a song that makes a reference to one of their own players appendage in it. ONE offended person who hasnt been to the ground for 2 years made numerous complaints to absolutely anyone he could, was so offended he had to leave the ground and then continued after on social media. And from that you got ” disgusting homophobic chanting”

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