Premier League reveal brand new comic book style winter ball

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The Premier League has revealed the new ball that it will be using for the upcoming winter months in the league, and it’s quite interesting.

Nike’s new “hi-vis” Premier League football will be used in the Premier League from the coming weekend, and will be available to buy from the 5th of November.

The ball has a distinct retro comic feel to it, in parts resembling an art-style someone might see in a Marvel or DC comic book.

Of course with Winter the territory can come with reduced visibility for players, hence the now customary yellow colour on the ball to help reduce this issue.

This year the ball has also been splashed with bold red and blue colours to match its comic book aesthetic.

You can see the ball below.

The ball will be £125 to purchase, and as the official Premier League licenced ball it will come with the usual Premier League graphics attached as well as having all the same specifications that the actual balls used in games will have.

Nike have been the Premier League’s football producer since the turn of the millennium in the 2000/01 season.

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