Premier League humbugs refuse Boxing Day charity request from clubs

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Christmas is supposedly a time for good will to all men, but the humbugs at the Premier League have failed in their duty to keep the festive spirit alive.

It’s believed that some clubs wanted to partner with homeless charity, Shelter, for the Boxing Day fixtures, with those Premier League teams playing at home wearing their away shirts in a #NoHomeKit initiative.

Sky Sports note that although the Premier League itself are on board with the idea of partnering with charities as a general rule, they can’t accept every proposal that they receive.

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Given that homelessness is brought into sharper focus during the winter months, one might’ve expected that the powers that be would see the sense in highlighting the issue and allowed a subsequent auction of shirts to make some serious money for the charity.

It seems that unfortunately that won’t now happen, denying Shelter some much needed funds.

Will the Premier League ever get it right?