Premier League clubs unanimously oppose biennial World Cup proposal

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The Premier League have rejected the proposal from FIFA about hosting a World Cup every two years.

In a statement on their official website, the Premier League said: “All 20 Premier League clubs have discussed the post-2024 International Match Calendar reform process and are unanimously opposed to FIFA’s proposal for biennial men’s World Cups.

“Clubs raised concerns about the negative impacts FIFA’s current proposals would have on player welfare, the fan experience, pre-season preparations and the quality of competitions.”

The news comes after months of speculation and coverage on FIFA’s proposal’s to completely change the way international football works.

The plan’s, concocted by former Arsenal manager and current FIFA chief of global football development Arsene Wenger, would see a number of fundamental changes brought to international football that would have a big impact of the way club football is also run.

The main headline of the plans was biennial World Cup tournament’s, along with fewer but longer international breaks in the middle of the season.

Wenger took over his current role at FIFA in November 2019, and has pushed for these reforms for some time, meeting stiff opposition from multiple parties.

While the plans for fewer international breaks during the season certainly has some merit to it, the plans for biennial World Cup’s, thus forcing there to be an international tournament almost every summer, would not stand up when considering the points brought up in the Premier League’s statement.

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