All England’s 10-0 win does is strengthen Arsene Wenger’s World Cup argument

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England’s fans and the Football Association will no doubt be cock-a-hoop at qualifying for World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Of course they’ve every right to celebrate, but the 10-0 final score was nothing short of an embarrassment.

San Marino went into the game having lost all nine of their other qualifiers, and scored just one goal in the process.

Another loss was inevitable, and one which neither side would have learned anything at all.

In fact, all such a mismatch does is strengthen Arsene Wenger’s argument for a World Cup every two years where the best play against the best.

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It would stop all this nonsense from ever happening again.

Even Stan Collymore noted way back in 2015 that countries such as San Marino would benefit from playing in a plate competition or similar, alongside the main tournament.

Something certainly has to change, for the good of football.

Sooner or later supporters are going to baulk at having to pay such high prices for what is effectively a training game, or they simply won’t turn up at all.

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