Record-breaking Premier League US TV rights deal close to completion

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It’s often believed that the Premier League is the most marketable football league in the world, and news that a record-breaking TV rights deal in the US is close to completion merely underlines that fact.

According to BBC Sport, NBC, CBS and ESPN are looking at the rights package and could be prepared to pay as much as $2bn (£1.49bn) for the matches for 2022 right up until 2028.

Despite the pandemic decimating businesses worldwide, and with sport taking a while to find its feet again, there is clearly still money available to spend.

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Though one could legitimately argue that the best players in the world still prefer La Liga as a playing destination, there’s little doubt that as an entity, the Premier League is run so much better.

News of the record-breaking bids only strengthens the league’s stranglehold, deservedly so.

With the windfall that should filter its way down to the member clubs, from a staffing perspective on the playing side and more generally, we should continue to see a long-overdue recovery in the league.

Onwards and upwards.