Man City’s Benjamin Mendy surrounded by warring gangs in out-of-control prison

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Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy is surrounded by violence in his prison at the moment as the Sun reports of prison guards struggling to bring inmates under control.

Mendy has been in jail since October and will face a trial in January after being charged over a total of six counts of rape and one of sexual assault.

Reports now detail that the France international’s prison at the moment is littered with violence, with an average of one serious attack a day going on around him, despite heightened security protocols that have been brought in during the pandemic.

The prison where the footballer is being held is described as having several warring gangs in it, with horrific acts of violence going on as razor blades are concealed inside toothbrushes and similar everyday items.

Mendy was arrested in August and all mention of him has now been removed from Man City’s website.

Earlier reports suggested Mendy wrongly thought he’d be put into a ‘VIP wing’ of the prison, but that was a misunderstanding.

This means the 27-year-old is likely to be surrounded by these fighting gangs on a daily basis.

Mendy had been a key player for City before these alleged incidents came to light, but no one is above the law, and it’s no surprise that he’ll likely be finding prison as difficult and unpleasant as anyone.