Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho risks ending up on football’s scrapheap if he continues to act like a spoilt child

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He may have been Barcelona’s most expensive ever player, but Philippe Coutinho has also been one of their biggest disappointments.

The Brazilian, even in the early stages of his time at Camp Nou, never really hit the heights in the same way as he did at Liverpool.

With the confidence drained from him, he’s been nothing but a bit-part exponent ever since.

Notwithstanding his Champions League efforts with Bayern Munich, including two against Barcelona in the 8-2 win over the Catalans, he’s done little of note over the past couple of seasons.

Now it appears he isn’t interested in moving elsewhere.

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According to a report in Sport, despite a potential escape route being offered at Newcastle if all of the stars aligned, the Brazilian is adamant that he’s staying put.

Philippe Coutinho

Frankly, such an attitude speaks of a spoilt child throwing his toys out of the pram because he can’t get what he wants.

Barcelona have long since had a need for him, and unless they are absolutely desperate, they are not going to call on his services again in the near future.

As a professional player, he should accept his lot and look to continue his career elsewhere, or risk finding himself on the football scrapheap.

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