Rudiger’s greed and attitude regarding Chelsea’s contract offer is symptomatic of the modern day footballer

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There has to come a point when football clubs wrest the power back from players and say that enough is enough.

For far too long now, clubs have been religiously held to ransom by players and their representatives, normally regarding new contracts and the expectations of players that are full of their own self-importance.

Take Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger by way of the latest example. He’s a brilliant defender, no doubt about it, but he’s not indispensable.

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According to The Sun, the Blues have offered him a salary commensurate with his status; £7m a season or £130,000 a week is more than enough.

That, apparently, is a ‘slap in the face’ for a player who wants at least £60,000 per week more.

Therein lies the issue with the modern day player and his ego.

For what possible reason does Rudiger want an extra £60,000 per week more other than greed?

Given the state of football finances post-Covid too, every player needs to take a long, hard look at themselves and their reasoning for bleeding their employers dry.

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  1. I made a statement like this one before.
    Rudiger is becoming annoying over his demand and it’s greediness which will destroy his in form career at the moment…
    The first thing a player will have in his heart is love for his club before another thing, had it been he went to Tothenham during the time he was going under difficulties at the club, would he have gotten that his high demand..
    Anyway no player is bigger than a club and chelsea are not moved, rudiger will be the one looking at the end if he eventually want to walk away due to Chelsea not meeting up his demand.

    1. Chelsea is Chelsea and Rudigar should know better. He is kind of using Tuchel as the key to bending the club towards his greed. If only he knew. Tuchel is great but will never be allowed by Chelsea to dictate who to choose to play with…Rudigar out the door, another defender in and Chelsea keep wining! If Tuchel feels undone by Chelsea for resurrecting Rudigar , he can walk if he feels Rudigar is bigger than Chelsea…But I hope Tuchel is better than that…Its Chelsea who employed him not Rudigar

  2. Well, nothing wrong to fight for his best interest, but it is indeed becoming annoying. The best scenario for Chelsea is to get one decent Centre-back in January to get used to the club.

  3. Rudiger is his own man and should make the most of this opportunity when he has control of his destiny. How many times have players been sold off or had contracts cancelled because the club is in a position of power.
    To Rudiger …… Know your worth and dont settle for a cent less.

    It is laughable that this writer says Rudiger is trying to bleed Chelsea dry. Do u know how much Roman is worth

    1. Roman might by worth £xxxxxxxxxx but what is the club worth, what is their turnover and under FFP what can they afford? It’s not what the owners worth but their ability based upon turnover. Roman I’m sure stated the club now has to be self sufficient.

      All you have to do is look at the bigger clubs and their financial earnings. Why do you think clubs are ganging up against NUFC, could they have seen what happens when money is filtered through by owners using inflated sponsorship deals to boost the coffers. Just look how Man City achieved quick success!

  4. Wow, really! Based on this it must truly drive you insane to know that Chilwell is paid 190,000 quid a week (Chilwell), Azpilicueta is on 150k per week, Pulisic gets 150k per week, Saul banks a cool 198k per week, not to mention the 325k paid to Lukaku, 150k paid to Kovacic, and the 272k banked by Werner per week.
    Rudiger at 130k per week is a steal.

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