Arsenal squad accused of regularly inhaling ‘hippy crack’ in the dressing room

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Mikel Arteta has finally got his Arsenal team playing with some backbone and, as a result, performances are better and some long-overdue wins have seen them climb up the Premier League table.

For months the Gunners were under-performing despite the Spaniard’s best efforts, with no real explanation as to why the north Londoners were so bad.

News on Thursday evening might now shed some more light on exactly what’s been going on behind the scenes at the Emirates Stadium.

They won’t make for particularly great reading for Arteta or the Arsenal hierarchy either.

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According to French investigative journalist, Romain Molina, who spoke during a Twitter spaces discussion on Thursday evening, Arsenal players regularly inhale so called ‘hippy crack’ in the dressing room.


In 2018, The Sun reported on how a number of first-team stars had been caught inhaling nitrous oxide at a party, so it’s clear that none have learned their lessons.

It remains to be seen if the Arsenal hierarchy have the strength of character to severely reprimand those involved, for what are incredibly embarrassing revelations.


  1. I’m sure Arteta won’t be too concerned about his players inhaling helium as doesn’t make you high ot makes your voice squeaky

    1. they got it wrong when they said helium, its actually nitrous oxide which is a type of drug, which is what the Arsenal players were inhaling

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