Disgusting tale of French player defecating in party-goers mouths comes to light

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The deeper that football gets investigated, the more disturbing are the acts that come to light.

It’s scarcely believable that some of today’s highly-paid stars would allow themselves to be put in such a position that their entire livelihood’s could be at risk if their nocturnal activities are exposed.

Perhaps that’s part of the thrill for some of them.

Believing that they are above the law in some way is likely to be the justification for engaging in acts that are so disgusting as to be almost unbelievable.

French investigative journalist, Romain Molina, blew the secretive behind-the-scenes world of French football wide open in a Twitter spaces discussion on Thursday night.

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Though his revelations need to be heard, most people will probably wish they hadn’t.

That’s because one of them centred around a current French international player who filmed himself at a party pooing in multiple attendees mouths.

There are many questions that need answering, but perhaps the most simple one is why?