Infantino calls out top footballing nations for being ‘scared’ of having a World Cup every two years

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The idea of a World Cup every two years isn’t quite on the back burner but nor has it ever gone away.

Arsene Wenger’s plan hasn’t been received well, even though his argument is well thought out and considered.

It’s likely to take an awful lot of persuasion to get the bigger nations to play ball and at least come to the negotiating table.

With players having to play more and more games, and getting injured more often, there may be some acceptance that playing less qualifying matches but more regular tournaments could be a workable solution.

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Now the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, has thrown a grenade into proceedings, which is hardly likely to help matters.

The last thing that’s needed when support is required, is to suggest that the only reason the top footballing nations are opposed to a new international calendar is because they’re scared.

It’s almost as if Infantino is attempting to bully nations into it.

“Those who are against it are those at the top. It happens in every sector of life when there are reforms and changes, those who are at the top don’t want anything to change because they are at the top,” he said at the Confederation of African Football congress in Cairo, cited by Sky Sports.

“And they are afraid maybe that if something changes, their leadership position is at risk.”

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