Worrying claims Man United star could have died following recent injury

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After recently suffering two concussions in quick succession, worrying claims have emerged that Manchester United’s Luke Shaw is lucky not to have suffered life-changing or fatal injuries.

That’s according to football injury expert Ben Dinnery, who while speaking to Football Insider, admitted two concussions back-to-back can be hugely problematic.

Shaw was substituted due to a concussion during his side’s derby game against City earlier this month and then later was forced to withdraw from Gareth Southgate’s England squad.

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However, in an unfortunate turn of events, after returning to face Watford last weekend, Shaw suffered a second concussion that saw him miss the Red Devils’ midweek Champions League tie against Villarreal.

Highlighting just how severe the 26-year-old’s recent injuries could have been, Dinnery said: “The big concern with a concussion is when you get the second one.

Luke Shaw was forced off through injury against Manchester City on 6 November 2021.

“They call it second impact syndrome. If you receive a second concussion before the brain has fully healed, it can cause immediate brain swelling.

“It’s rare but it certainly can’t be ruled out. That can cause life-long disability or even be fatal.

“That is the worry, when things get scary. So to take him off and protect him was absolutely the right thing to do.

“In elite-level football, they are classed as working in an enhanced care setting. That can mean a player can return to play a week after a concussion.

“That’s not long and it takes the brain a lot longer to recover than that.

“The fact that Shaw had that initial concussion and then was afforced a two-week period could have been crucial.

“It would have been a serious concern if he’d been out for one week and then suffered another concussion.”

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