Juventus face possible relegation following transfer investigation

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Some seriously worrying news coming out of Italy this evening…

Serie A giants Juventus face possible relegation to Italy’s second-tier if found guilty of illegal transfer dealings.

The club is accused of ‘inflating’ player’s transfer values on their accounting books, which included the transfers of Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Cancelo and Danilo between 2019 and 2021.

That’s according to a recent report from Football Italia, who spoke with Marco Donzelli – the President of the Italian Olympic Association.

Juventus won the Serie A title in the 2019-22 season and could also see it revoked following an investigation by sporting authorities.

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“The accusatory system is very serious and throws a sinister light on the last football championships, also because there has been a real Juventus dominance in recent years, which ended in the past year,” president Marco Donzelli said.“If Juventus were to have illegitimately gained an advantage over rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, as a consequence, the Federation and the Authority for market competition will have to intervene and sanction those responsible.

“Beyond individual responsibilities, the club will not be exempt from punishment.

or this reason and to protect thousands of fans, we will present a complaint to the Antitrust and the Federal Prosecutor’s “Office asking for the relegation to Serie B for Juventus and the revocation of the last league titles won in the shadow of these potentially illegal operations.”

Juventus have since issued a formal statement on their official social media channels:

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