Photo: Arsenal star unbelievably likes Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram post

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If the defeat at Manchester United wasn’t embarrassing enough already for Arsenal and their supporters, what’s emerged since the game is likely to infuriate anyone with an allegiance to the North Londoners.

Post-match, United’s Cristiano Ronaldo took to Instagram to post a picture of himself during one of his goal celebrations, with a motivational quote attached.

Nothing unusual in that, except Arsenal captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, appears to have liked it.

If the likes on the post are verified, that surely spells the end of the striker’s captaincy at the club.

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  1. Yes anything can happen but one thing I know is Arteta need to upgrade himself before talking about others he Arteta is not an upgrade coach as long as Arsenal are concern he is now looking for an 18 year attacker while Folarin Balogun is there which means all the years he played under Arsene Wenger he did not learn anything now he is fielding Tavera regularly until he ruins him down if good coach have two good players in one position you don’t ruined one down before you begin to use the other he a sentimental coach ad far as I am concerned we don’t have any business loosing the game with man Utd last night I thought he will bring Tienery in the second half even though I’m a fan of Tavare he one or two things to learn from Tienery he is still playing with muzzle he need to learn when to shut or to lay passes he is still raw Tienery is more suited to play against man Utd Arteta must improve

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