Covid Plan B regulations could see vaccine passports required for football matches

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With the UK government expected to introduce the so-called ‘Plan B’ for Covid-19 restrictions, it could mean football fans are required to show proof of vaccination at games this weekend.

It is not yet clear what new measures might be brought in, but leaked reports have suggested vaccine passports could be something implemented in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus over the rest of the winter.

This would mean certification is needed for some big events, and it seems likely that attending crowded venues like football stadiums would fit into that category.

A report from the Daily Mail suggests Premier League clubs have already held discussions about checking people’s vaccination status upon entry to games.

These rules are expected to be in place by the weekend, and it will be interesting to see how it affects attendance at football games.

It’s been great to see full stadiums again in the Premier League this season, but there could be some sense in applying extra caution for some to ensure everyone travelling to and from games is safe.

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